Our consultants help organizations plan their strategy and focus
their people on executing the plans.


Our consultants help leaders develop through assessment feedback,
coaching, mentoring, and training.
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Two of the biggest challenges faced by today’s business leaders are navigating their companies through a constantly changing competitive landscape while preparing their next generation of leaders to thrive in uncertainty.

The Nemanick Leadership Consulting offers customized programs and consulting designed to facilitate for these leadership challenges. We work with clients in two primary areas: Organization Development and Leadership Development. Our focus on organization development includes helping organization’s map their strategic future and create actionable plans to accomplish their goals, helping teams come together around their goals and maximize their effectiveness, helping an organization listen to its people to create deep alignment around the mission, and help focus and manage the performance of its people.

Our focus on leadership development includes assessing leaders and individuals for both selection and development, coaching leaders to maximize their strengths and improve their effectiveness, helping organizations implement mentoring programs that deliver real value, and teach leaders proven best practices through interactive and engaging workshops and seminars.