Leadership Mentoring

The Situation

Mentors can play a critical role in developing leaders. In fact, many successful leaders point to mentors who helped them along their journeys to bring out the best in them. Many organizations create mentoring programs to focus the power of mentoring on those whom they wish to develop.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to harness the power of mentoring if a program is not designed and executed well. Mentors need to know how to bring out the best in others . Protégés need to prepare themselves to get the most out of mentoring. And, organizations need to design programs that align with talent strategies and align with culture.

Our mentoring processes, which have been implemented in dozens of organizations across many industries, provide best practices in mentoring to maximize the effectiveness of mentoring programs.

Our Solution

Our mentoring processes have been developed over a decade and a half, resulting in thousands of mentor and protégé trainings that create successful mentoring partnerships. We focus on giving mentors the tools to guide the development of another and protégés on setting the direction for the mentoring relationship. We help organizations create systems that focus mentoring on those for whom it will provide the highest impact.

Our Process

  • Program Design: Our program consulting ensures that your mentoring program starts strong and avoids expensive learning curves. With experience across industries and organizations of all sizes, we help blend mentoring best practices with talent strategy and corporate culture to produce programs that accelerate growth and development.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Our mentoring workshops are dynamic and engaging, teaching mentors the skills they need to be effective and protégés the tools needed to drive growth. Our sessions are often used at the beginning of a program but can also help reenergize participants in existing programs.
  • Program Evaluation: Our consultants can help you understand the impact your mentoring program has on the organization and how it can be improved. Our evaluation services examine many aspects of a program to ensure it is successful and provide feedback to make it better.